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Balance and Posture Testing in Norwalk

How do we balance?

There are three systems in the human body that work to maintain your balance:

  1. Proprioception: Receptors in your joints, muscles, and tendons tell the brain how the body is positioned.
  2. Vision: Your sense of sight tells the brain where the body is in relation to the world around you.
  3. Vestibular system: Receptors in the inner ear tell the brain how the head is positioned.

Your brain combines the information coming in from these three systems to achieve overall balance. In general, your balance is controlled 50-60% by proprioception, 25-35% by vision, and 15-25% by the vestibular system.

How does balance affect my health?

Our sense of balance tends to decrease with age, and it can be affected by joint stiffness, overall weakness, vision changes and eye muscle coordination, certain medications, and dizziness. When balance is impaired, the risk of falling increases.

How is my balance tested?

We use the BTrackS Balance Test and Software to assess if any of the three systems are challenging your balance. In order to perform the test, we have you stand on a balance tracking scale, which measures your weight distribution, posture, and sway. Based on this information, we can determine your level of balance and your risk of falling.

How can I reduce my risk of falling?

If the BTrackS system shows that you have a high risk of falling, we will work with you to reduce this risk through:

  • Chiropractic adjustments to promote proper musculoskeletal and nervous system function
  • Exercises to improve balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility
  • Individualized recommendations to prevent falls

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