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Cranbury Chiropractic ADD/ADHD Testimonials

J.K. , female, 11 ½ years old:
“The Metronome has helped me in math class. I didn’t understand before and now I get it. I got a 90 on my last test!”

B.L., male, 7 years old:
“The Metronome has made me feel more concentrated”.

C.L., mother of B.L.:
“B.L. is more focused, more persistent, he is not giving up as quickly. Before he would give up before he understood it, now he’s at the point of, “I get it”, he’s learning more and he’s more persistent”.

M.S., male, 10 ¾ years old:
“The Metronome has helped me be more focused. When asked to do a job at home I am not forgetting, instead of being asked 4-5 times, it’s only asked once! It’s helped me not get so frustrated with myself. I’m sleeping better, I’m less anxious, and the disturbing thoughts in my head are not going to effect me. I’m working through it.”

Dad of M.S.:
“M.S. is much more focused and he’s listening more. He is more attentive; there is definite improvement. He is more confident doing school work and he’s happier with the grade he receives. He is a little more organized and a lot less frustrated with himself.”

Dad of C.S:
“We are very pleased with the results of I.M training. Our oldest son has really opened up socially. At a recent PPT meeting at school, the social worker commented on his significant improvement. She also mentioned his dramatic improvement in coordination. They set up Jenga blocks as pins in a mini bowling game; she said that last year my son couldn’t get the ball near the pins. This year he won the game. My younger son, J.S., is also benefiting from I.M. He’s about halfway through the course. Last night’s dinner was the first meal he’s eaten with his bottom in the chair the whole time since he was strapped into his high chair.”

Mom of Z.H., male, 14 years old:
It is not easy to measure all of the benefits of Interactive Metronome but there are a few that are well worth mentioning. There was a positive improvement in my son’s timing in his cross country running so that he was in the middle of the pack as opposed to the end of the pack. This encouraged him and improved his self confidence and pleasure in the sport. As for academics, I do believe there is a direct correlation to his doing his homework better. He approaches it without the past complaints (now only eye rolling) and can focus longer in accomplishing it. In working with the professionals at Cranbury Chiropractic, I was pleased that they looked at the whole person and also offered suggestions on a better diet and supplements. It is the type of program that I highly recommend, and, in fact, believe that anyone could reap benefits from it.”

Mom of Rebecca, 9.5 yrs old:
Coordination is much better, the I.M. definitely jump started Rebecca on her eye therapy. When asked to do three things, they get done without Rebecca getting angry. The I.M. helped with reading; anger is better and frustration is much better (decreased). When getting help with homework (direction), she does not get frustrated and give up, she now listens and tries. Communication skills are much better. Socially Rebecca is doing more: girl scouts, staying with things longer. Rebecca is remembering more and knows her homework without looking at her homework book all the time.

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