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Dr. Paul Miller

Dr. Paul Miller“After many months of too many hours behind the wheel, logging up the miles in my job as a salesman, my lower back gave out. When a friend suggested I try chiropractic, I was skeptical. Finally, not wanting to take pain killers just to get through the day, especially being a young man in my twenties, I figured what did I have to lose?” read more»

Dr. Wendy Coren

Dr. Wendy Coren

Dr. Wendy Coren, a 1980 graduate of New York Chiropractic College has been in full time private practice for 27 years. Her most important chiropractic accomplishments include working on site at ground Zero following 911, on the ship Spirit, and in St John’s church by bringing the healing benefit of chiropractic to rescue and recovery workers, city employees and volunteers. Dr. Coren has been an active proponent of chiropractic education by serving on the Board of Directors of Parker Chiropractic College, as a Team Teacher for Parker Seminars… read more»

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